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iOS 11 - Laser Safety Apps update

iOS 11 marks a big change in the way that apps run on Apple devices. Any machines running the latest version of iOS will no longer support older 32bit apps. This affects ~180,000 apps in the App Store. We are currently working on major updates to all our laser safety apps, which will add many new features, and make them iOS 11 compatible. These will be released in the coming weeks.

LVR Laser Safety Apps for Apple Devices

Laser Safety Apps for Apple mobile devices - anyone using an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, can quickly and conveniently determine the safe exposure distance for visible laser beams. Furthermore, the Laser Hazard Distance App is available free of charge in the App Store for users of iTunes.

For details of our Apple Apps range please click here.

Important Safety Note:
Direct exposure to laser light can be harmful to eyesight and normally care should be taken to avoid doing so, especially if the user has little experience in assessing the risk. The Laser Safety Apps are provided as tool to aid those competent in assessing laser exposure risk, and should be used alongside other assessment methodologies, not as a substitute.