LVR Optical - Laser & Optical Radiation Safety

Optical Radiation & Laser Safety Expertise

LVR Optical are an industry leading organisation providing expertise for the safe use of optical radiation and laser technology. We have over 20 years of experience in helping clients deliver safe products and in creating safe working environments where hazardous light sources are used. Our portfolio extends across a diverse range of clients with some of our key sectors including manufacturing, aerospace, transportation, defence, entertainment, and power production.

Our consultancy services include product safety design and testing, workplace safety management and exposure evaluation, along with Laser Protection Adviser and Certified Laser Safety Officer consulting. The type of customer we work with is varied, ranging from start-up tech businesses helping them to develop their cutting-edge innovative solutions safely, through to blue chip organisations requiring the specialist expertise that LVR Optical can offer.

Using precision measurement instrumentation and practice, we undertake product safety testing for laser, LED, and other potentially harmful sources of light ensuring compliance to the relevant national and international safety standards, including IEC 60825 for lasers and 62471 for other light sources.

LVR Optical offer a wide range of expert led training course options covering laser safety, laser safety officer duties, LED and optical radiation safety and assessment, along with laser safety in the entertainment sector.

    Workplace Artificial Optical Radiation and Laser Assessments
    Product Compliance, and Exposure Assessments
    LASER Optical Radiation Testing to BS EN 60825-1:2014
    LED / LAMP Optical Radiation Testing to BS EN 62471:2008
    Laser and Optical Radiation Safety Awareness and Staff Training
    Safety Management and Laser Protection Advisers