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Optical Radiation and Laser Safety Expertise

LVR Optical provide expertise to help you keep safe when using light sources that may cause harm. Whether you’re working with lasers or other sources of artificial optical radiation that emit ultraviolet, visible or infrared light, we are able to help you determine the risk and develop sensible precautions to be safe, and also meet any legislative obligations.

LVR Services

We offer a range of services including workplace safety assessments, product evaluation - lasers and other light sources, various training options, safety management systems, and specialist safety products. We offer advice and training for the safe use of lasers, for a range of applications.

LVR are able to measure and evaluate a wide range of different types of artificial optical radiation using specialist instrumentation capable of characterising light so emissions can be compared against exposure limits - risk and interpretation of results, and appropriate controls determined where necessary.

Our expertise extends into helping manufacturers, product designers, and suppliers ensure laser products, and other devices emitting light are classified and meet the requirements of the appropriate product safety standards.

LVR Optical can get your staff up to speed with what they need to know when working with harmful light sources and lasers; whether you require awareness training on a specific subject, or would like to have more advanced training on managing safety, or in-depth tuition on laser exposure or optical radiation assessment techniques. By offering both general and sector specific training, our courses ensure you receive the knowledge that is most beneficial to your business. Our courses can be delivered in-house and tailored to your exact requirements.

Contact us to learn how our expertise and experience can help keep your workers safe and benefit your business with straightforward, friendly, efficient, cost-effective solutions.

Workplace Artificial Optical Radiation Assessment, Safety Management and Training. Laser Protection Advisers.

LASER / LED / LAMP Optical Radiation Testing to BS EN 60825-1:2014 and BS EN 62471:2008