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Optical Product Testing

Since the implementation of the Artificial Optical Radiation Directive (AORD), there has been more attention being given to devices and processes that create intense levels of light, either visible or invisible, in the workplace - most sources of light in the workplace can be considered as ‘trivial' sources, not posing any significant hazard, and not requiring any further steps to be taken.

Our research has found that there are a small number of high intensity light sources that could exceed the specified Exposure Limit Values (ELV's). Determining the exposures that these light sources produce can be a complex task, with the end user unlikely to possess the necessary test instruments or understanding of how to perform the checks. The best approach will be for manufacturers and suppliers of high intensity light sources to supply the necessary safety information to their clients. Something that is already implied under more general existing health and safety legislation.

LVR are able to assist manufacturers and suppliers of equipment producing high levels of light determine the exposures that their equipment produces (both Prototype & Finished products can be tested).

The recently introduced British Standard BS EN 62471:2008 describes the safety factors for lamps and lamp systems, detailing a four tiered Risk Group System. The EC has, as part of the Low Voltage Directive, made the EN 62471:2008 Photobiological Safety of Lamps Standard a legal obligation to comply with as a means of demonstrating CE conformity. In essence this means any manufacturer of lighting products should be testing and supplying hazard information and risk group data, based on this standard.

We have been working with leading experts in optical radiation assessment, and radiometry in gaining a thorough understanding of the practicalities of conducting so called broadband measurements of non-coherent light. In addition to the range of calibrated measurement instrumentation that LVR possesses, for more complex assessment, working with the National Physical Laboratory affords us access to state-of-the-art measurement processes.

If you would like to know the level of emissions that your LEDs and other optical sources are producing and how they relate to the Risk Group system classification, and ELV's, or how to prepare for the new legislation, contact LVR to see how we can assist you in determining this information and how it would need to be conveyed to your clients.