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Solar Simulator Output Performance Verification

Solar Simulator Ooutput Performance Verification

Organisations and laboratories using xenon arc lamp solar simulators are required to ensure that the quality of the ultraviolet radiation emitted from the devices being used is compliant with precisely defined limits. Safety standards such as ISO 2444:2019 state that each solar simulator output port shall have a spectroradiometric check carried out at least once every 12 months, after 2,500 hours of lamp running time, or changing any physical optical component including the bulb of the solar simulator.

Readily available UV radiometers and array spectroradiometers are unfortunately not suitable to use for this type of check due to inherent performance limitations in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum. The only device considered appropriate for this type of assessment is a spectroradiometer system that employs a double monochromator system. The double monochromator offers the dynamic range and straylight rejection performance specified in the safety standards, which is needed to accurately quantify the spectral quality across the wide dynamic range present in the ultraviolet region.

LVR Optical can offer an onsite spectroradiometric check of your solar simulator using a high-quality double monochromator based measurement system calibrated against light sources traceable to international standards measurement organisations. The performance of the ultraviolet quality is measured and reported using this instrumentation, having been conducted following the procedures defined in the safety standards.

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