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Laser Safety Training - Industrial, Scientific and Workplace Applications

Laser training for industrial and scientific applications

Each of our courses is designed to cut through the bewildering array of documents, guidance and jargon (and often hearsay), and get straight to useful facts that give attendees the confidence and understanding of what at first can often seem a complex topic area. What's more, the courses go much further than just being something that is delivered with a copy of the Power Point thumbnails; each course comes with reference manual, which is useful in its own right, and full after course support, keeping you abreast of changes in legislation, and answering questions that may arise from the training.

The framework has been developed to provide a modular approach to laser and optical radiation safety training allowing each course to be tailored to the requirements of the delegates that wish to attend. The scheme means that more time can be spent covering topics that are relevant to the attendees. The courses can be adapted to provide a complete introduction to laser safety for people with little or no experience, alternatively they can be presented as a refresher course, bring people up to date with the latest regulations and approaches to safety.

Course material includes full coverage of the Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010, which places specific duties on employers and employees working in environments where laser devices may be used.

Laser Safety Training for the Workplace Course:

This course covers the core topics and responsibilities of a person tasked with adopting the role of a Laser Safety Officer * (LSO) in the workplace.

Course topics:
1. Laser Fundamentals & Hazards
2. Biological Effects
3. Exposure Limits
4. Eye Protection & Filters
5. Laser Classification & Product Safety Requirements
6. An Introduction to Measurement
7. Legislative Requirements & Published Guidance
8. Managing Laser Safety

Laser Safety Officer (LSO)
* A Laser Safety Officer is a title that may be given to a person in an organisation designated as adopting administrative responsibility for the employer in overseeing laser safety. It is recommended by the British Standards Institute (BSI) that any organisation that uses Class 3B and Class 4 laser devices should appoint an internal member of staff to take on this role. In the UK, formal Laser Safety Officer qualifications do not exist. Nor do any ‘accredited’ courses. LVR Optical address LSO training by providing clear coverage of the topics recommended for this role in the British Standards Institute laser safety standards documents, and providing information to help equip attendees with appropriate knowledge to meet their legal health and safety obligations, and create safer working environments.

Non-Coherent Optical Safety Training Course:

Course topics:
1. Legislative Background
2. The Nature of Light & Photobiological Hazards
3. A Closer Look at Exposure Limits
4. Measurement Instrumentation
5. EU Non-Binding Guide
6. IEC/EN 62471 Assessment

Our courses are normally delivered at the client's premises, after having discussed the initial requirements, and typically last a day, with an optional follow on session developing on the knowledge gained from the first day. The number of delegates that attend is very much based on the needs of the organisation.

At the end of the training session there is an opportunity to sit an optional written test, which helps delegates gauge how much they have gained from the training. Course notes and a certificate of attendance is provided to each delegate.

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