LVR Optical - Laser & Optical Radiation Safety

Realtime Laser MPE Meter

LVR Optical have developed an instrument capable of accurately measuring scanning visible laser emissions. This instrument can be used to obtain an instantaneous reading of the exposure levels as they occur, and determine the maximum permissible exposure (MPE) relationship in realtime.

Standard commercial laser power meters are not suitable for measuring the complex exposure conditions created in light show environments due to slow response times and lack of processing power to perform the analysis. When used for this application, those meters will give misleading results, significantly underreporting the true exposure levels. This limits their use to only measuring static beams during installation set up, and making simplifying assumptions. It is not possible to use such meters to take readings of live effects, or during the performance itself.

Using calibrated photodetectors and high-speed capturing equipment traceable to known National Standards, LVR have developed a system based on a scientific software application that captures the exposure data as it happens, simultaneously recording and processing the exposure information, providing a realtime analysis against the exposure limits (MPE). The instrument has been designed with portability in mind, running from a Windows® based tablet device, with a shoulder pack containing the capture module, battery pack, and meter electronics. This allows maximum flexibility when taking measurements on site during a commissioning, and for verification during a live event.

The instrument is unique in being the first of its kind, offering capture, recording and analysis of live laser effects as they happen. Outside of UK government, no other organisation has an instrument capable of simultaneously measuring, recording and analysing live, dynamic laser effects.

With this instrument LVR Optical can establish how safe laser effects intended for direct viewing are, and if legal obligations in terms of the exposure limits are being met. This is something that can be used at the design and installation stage, as well as providing a recorded proof of exposure levels during live performances, as evidence the exposure level was not exceeded.

We have several of these instruments available for field use, each used with one of our fully trained operators, who is knowledgeable in the correct use of the meter and how to assess direct scanning and diffraction scanning laser effects.