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Laser Safety Training for laser light show operators

Lasers can be dangerous and can cause hazards if they are not installed and operated safely. Standards, regulations, and guidance do exist for using lasers, but understanding what is and is not necessary for laser displays is a daunting task. Our Laser display safety training course is designed to teach you what's necessary to perform safe and enjoyable shows; including the laser specific laws and legislation in the UK/Europe and worldwide, and how it affects laser show providers.

The training course covers a wide range of laser safety topics targeted specifically for the light show and entertainment industry. You will learn about what the hazards are when using lasers, how to design safe shows and effects, along with learning how to prepare risk assessments and working with the local authorities. This course does NOT include laser use for medical, surgical or military applications; the course only includes specific information related to the use of lasers in entertainment.

Professional laser safety training for operators, installers and manufacturers of laser products

Course date : TBA - Autumn/Winter 2022

New Location :: Technology Centre at the Wolverhampton Science Park

The topics covered in the laser safety course have been designed to help the laser user to ensure they have the knowledge required to perform safe and legal laser displays and effects.

We combine theory with practical examples of many topics; this approach allows you to gain valuable knowledge and insight into what is necessary to perform safe and enjoyable laser displays. The Laser Safety Course has been designed and will be presented by laser safety expert James Stewart, who through over 25 years of experience in the entertainment light show industry has come across many of the safety problems and situations that are often unique in the laser display application.

Full details of the laser safety training course, can be found here

Main Course Topics Covered

  • Laser Beam Properties
  • Biologial Effects
  • Safety Standard and Health & Safety Guidance
  • Preparing Risk Assessments
  • Designing Audience Safe Effects
  • The simplified approach to assessing audience scanning laser shows, with advantages and disadvantages of such an approach.
  • Working with Local Authorities & other officials
  • Manufacturing and installation requirements
  • Laser hazards, and practical examples of calculating beam hazards
  • Legal Requirements
  • The UK laser regulations and how they affect light show operators and installers
  • Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) and Exposure Limit Values (ELVs)
  • Optional Examination, covering laser safety for display applications (exam based on course syllabus)


You are also able to take an exam on the day. The 45 minute exam will take place at the end of the laser safety training to give delegates a chance to test their knowledge and demonstrate that they have understood and learnt from the day. After sitting the exam, there is an exam debrief, where we would go through the questions so delegates can see where they may of gone wrong, which then reinforces the learning process. There are a range of questions which cover the days topics.

Who should Attend

Anybody involved in working with laser equipment & displays (however big or small) and selling laser projectors - as Health & Safety and the Laser Safety Standard has specific requirements for sellers of laser equipment.


£265 (+VAT) or if 2 or more people book together, the price is reduced to £249 (+VAT) each.
The examination is optional at an additional cost of £35 (+VAT) per delegate.

The price includes a copy of our Laser Display Safety Handbook, Attendance Symbol artwork to display online, along with a Certificate of Attendance. Each Certificate of Attendance has a unique serial number which can be checked against our database of Registered Laser Safety Operators. If you choose to sit the exam on the day and pass, you will receive an additional certificate.

The course runs from 09:30hrs through to 16:30hrs, with lunch and refreshment breaks.

Wolverhampton Science Park

The Wolverhampton Science Park is ideally located in central England, with easy access by car (M54/M6/M5), with free car parking and via train (Birmingham New Street to Wolverhampton Station - trains approx every 20 minutes). A location plan can be found here.

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Please note that all courses must be paid for via debit/credit card at the time of booking.

Course date does not fit? If you are unable to join us on a specific advertised training date, we can offer training days from a minimum number of 5 delegates to suit your company requirements (subject to location). Please contact us if you require laser training at a date to suit you.

This is our last 2022 training event. Our next scheduled training day will be during Spring 2023.


Attendance of this course enables you to further your knowledge and go on to attend our Audience Scanning for Laser Show Designer's Workshop. It is a prerequisite to attend this course before you are able to attend the Audience Scanning Workshop. You also have the ability of chatting to like minded laserists all day! The course offers a full course manual, certificate of attendance and an attendance symbol artwork to enable you to display online.

This course meets the requirements of the ILDA PRO Accreditation scheme, where successful completion of the exam can be used to support applying for ILDA Pro Laser Company status.

Any person or venue operating a laser display that has an output power of more than 5mW needs to appoint a Laser Safety Officer (LSO) who is responsible for overseeing the safe installation and operation of the laser display. The topics covered in our safety course have been designed to help the laser user ensure they have the knowledge required to perform safe and legal laser displays. The cost of our safety course is probably much less than what most operators would charge for a single laser show event; and with regulators having the authority to say no to a display if they are not happy with things, attending one of our courses and making sure you are aware of what's needed, can help you to avoid running into any such problems.

The course is designed from the ground up to cover issues relevant specifically to the laser display and entertainment industry. The course and the accompanying reference manual is packed full of information that is important for laser show designers and users. The course does NOT include laser use for medical, surgical or military applications, and you will NOT find any adapted generic safety courses hazards such as Fume Hazards and CPR methods. For this course we concentrate solely on today’s modern laser shows techniques and technology - basically everything that you need to know.