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Laser Safety Training

LVR have many years of experience in using lasers and understand the practicalities of implementing laser safety programmes in a range of workplaces. Combining this background with the science of laser safety and a thorough understanding of UK Health and Safety legislation, the training we offer is up to date and well rounded, covering the key topic areas organisations need to be aware of.

Each of our courses is designed to cut through the bewildering array of documents, guidance and jargon (and often hearsay), and get straight to useful facts that give attendees the confidence and understanding of what at first can often seem a complex topic area. What's more, the courses go much further than just being something that is delivered with a copy of the Power Point thumbnails; each course comes with reference manual, which is useful in its own right, and full after course support, keeping you abreast of changes in legislation, and answering questions that may arise from the training.

With laser safety being a broad subject area, we offer course's that each concentrate on the perspective of the intended audience, to ensure that they gain the maximum benefit from the training. Our courses can be taught by joining one of our training days or alternatively in house at your offices if you have a number of delegates that you wish to be trained at the same time.

Laser training courses that are available:

Industrial, Scientific and Workplace Applications

  • Laser Safety Training for the Workplace Course
  • Non-Coherent Optical Safety Training Course

Laser Safety in Entertainment Venues for Managers and Local Authorities

  • An explaination and understanding of how lasers are used, and the precautionary measures that should be in place when lasers are used in entertainment environments, such as arenas, stadiums, theatres etc.

Laser Display Safety for Operators, Installers and Suppliers

  • The course covers a wide range of laser safety topics targeted specifically for the light show and entertainment industry. You will learn what the hazards are when using lasers, how to design safe shows and effects. You will also learn how to prepare risk assessments and work with the local authorities.

Audience Scanning for Laser Show Designer's Workshop

  • A unique hands-on practical workshop for designers and operators of laser effects wanting to produce effects that create safe exposure levels for audience illumination.

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