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Audience Scanning Laser Effects Workshop

LVR Optical are pleased to introduce a unique hands-on practical workshop for designers and operators of laser effects wanting to produce effects that create safe exposure levels for audience illumination (crowd scanning). The one-day session is designed to follow on from the knowledge gained from the successful Professional Laser Operators Course, for those who are keen to present effects such as safe audience scanning to their clients. The workshop explores a variety of techniques for achieving exciting safe laser effects, with participants gaining direct hands on experience of designing effects, taking measurements, and evaluating exposure safety.

The workshop considers the use and assessment of a range of different types of laser effects, ranging from traditional galvanometer-scanned effects, diffraction gratings and using Pangolin Safety Scan lenses. In each case, participants are given the opportunity to test and evaluate the laser exposure of such devices; and using some of the latest available techniques - including Pangolin Beyond and the LVR scAn software, and ways to make laser effects safer are tested.

Audience Scanning for Laser Show Designer's Workshop

During the workshop, we combine theory with practical examples of many of the topics; this approach allows you to gain valuable knowledge and insight into what is necessary to perform safe and enjoyable laser displays. The workshop is designed and presented by James Stewart, recognised as a leader in assessing and evaluating laser effect emissions in the entertainment industry.

Our next workshop will take place on: date to be confirmed

Key topics of the workshop

  • Review of Laser Units and MPE Fundamentals
  • Discussion of the different types of MPE that must be considered
  • Projector & Laser Effect Characteristics
  • Scan-fail Detectors
  • Measurement Devices
  • Measuring Laser Effects
  • Review of the day with exercises to be completed

Who should attend this workshop

The workshop is designed for people that already have some previous knowledge and experience in laser shows. The workshop takes steps further than any other laser safety course offered, so for participants to gain the most from it, all attendees must have first attended the Laser Display Safety Training Day. This prerequisite ensures that everyone is equipped with the knowledge required to develop the necessary skills further during the workshop.

How to attend the workshop

The workshop can be attended in two ways:

  • Join a group of like minded people on our next organised 1 day workshop, which will be held at the Wolverhampton Science Park.
    Cost is £395 (+VAT) per person, subject to minimum and maximum numbers. Cost includes food and refreshments during the day.
    To attend please complete the booking form

  • Alternatively, if there are 4 or more of you, you can arrange a date to suit, with the workshop being delivered within a work environment at your own premises - ideal for larger laser companies, with several staff requiring training at one time. Cost given upon request, and would be per workshop event, again subject to minimum and maximum numbers, with space requirements to enable measurement taking.
    To arrange an in-house workshop please email us with your details.

All attendees would receive a printed workshop manual and a certificate of attendance.
The course runs from 09:30hrs through to 16:00hrs

To attend our next workshop (date to be advised) please complete the booking form, or to arrange an in-house course please email us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The discussions on exposure limits, MPE calculation, and other safety management practice, covered in the Operator’s Course is necessary before attending this workshop. Attendance of the Professional laser safety training for operators course is therefore a prerequisite to attending the Audience Scanning for Laser Show Designer's Workshop.

You should be comfortable with using the basic functions on a scientific calculator in order to gain the most form the day. For example you should be familiar with raising numbers to powers, square roots, using Pi and basic trigonometry functions, when they appear in equations.

No. We have a selection of measurement devices that will be used during the day. This gives you the opportunity to see the pros and cons of using different devices, which could help you in selecting your own devices, going forward, based on what you experience in the workshop. If you do already have a meter, you are of course welcome to bring it along to use as well.

We deliberately limit the number of attendees in the audience scanning workshop so that it maximises the ability for everyone to get involved in this highly practical session.

We use a Kvant Clubmax 2000 that has been especially modified so that we can monitor its output, to demonstrate certain principles. This laser system also allows us to experiment with Pangolin Safety Scan lenses, and the safety features of the FB4 and PASS (Professional Audience Scanning System).

We use Pangolin Beyond and Quickshow as the main laser control systems owing to their popularity and likelihood of people being familiar with their features. We don’t necessarily get into any advanced or obscure show programming practices, so the exercises we do should be familiar to users of other laser control software.

If you wish to bring your own laser equipment, please contact us first at the time you book your workshop space. The workshop is already a full day of practicals and exercises, but there might be a opportunity to incorporate the use of another laser effect into the day.