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Laser and Optical Product Testing

Laser Product Testing

Any product that uses a laser as a component within the make up of the device must have its hazard level classified, and be designed to incorporate a minimum level of laser safety features, including appropriate labelling as described by BS EN 60825-1:2014 Safety of Laser Products. The laser safety standard is listed in the Official Journal of European Communities as a Harmonised Standard for compliance with the Low Voltage Directive . In essence this means that any product containing a laser must comply with BS EN 60825-1 before applying a CE marking.

LVR Expertise and Specialist Equipment

We have the necessary expertise and a equipment in order to undertake laser product assessments, and report compliance to manufacturers, importers and suppliers of laser products; both Prototype & Finished products can be tested. Our calibrated instrumentation and measurement techniques are used to accurately determine the accessible emission levels required for product classification required by the standard.

A detailed report is prepared detailing the findings of the product assessment, and how well it conforms the safety standard, with any recommendations clearly described, including measurement test results and Accessible Emission Limits.

If required we are also able to advise and provide feedback on product performance, as well as assist in design of product safety features.

laser diode array

  • Safety Standard Compliance
  • Product Classification
  • Test Reports
  • Recommendations for required engineering controls and labelling requirements
  • Information that is required for user manuals and promotional literature
  • Product Performance
  • Design Recommendations

Contact LVR to see how we can help you with testing your laser product, and help you achieve compliance with safety standard BS EN 60825 and CE marking requirements.